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After Odd School placed 21st on our 2014 Top 100 International Animation Schools list, we reached out for an interview to learn more about their small but tremendously successful school in Lisbon, Portugal. We were so impressed that we asked them to stay in touch so that we could show our readers what their current students were working on. Their one year Advanced 3D Modelling and Texturing class just finished and we’re honored to be able to share the outstanding results from their course in our six part student interview series!

With translation help from their class’s instructor, David Dias, the first student we interviewed was André Demétrio, and you can see his impressive 3D work from the Odd School class below.

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Congratulations on finishing the Advanced 3D Modelling and Texturing class with so many excellent pieces of art! Tell our readers a little about yourself as a student and as an artist. What are your interests and your career goals?

André Demétrio: I am currently 23 years old and my goal in my professional life is to work at one of the best 3D companies in the world and leave my mark on the cinematics industry. I like to travel and know new places, gaming, playing sports, being with my friends and working on my projects for my portfolio.

How and when did you realize you wanted to become a 3D artist?

André Demétrio: During my Bachelor’s Degree in Design I went to Wien, Austria in Erasmus, and took three courses in 3D art. I did this because I wanted to learn something new. After this I started to search for CG blogs, websites and works. After this experience I have fallen in love with 3D.

Some people are naturally good at art, but no one is born with 3D software skills. Your portfolio shows that you clearly learned a lot! What do you feel is your best 3D art skill? And what is your favorite part of creating 3D art?

André Demétrio: I feel more comfortable in modeling but my favorite aspect of 3D is texturing because it is the most challenging task. With different textures we can give different meanings and purposes to our scenes.

Odd School Student Interview André Demétrio 2

I’m a firm believer that perfect artists don’t exist, and we’re all constantly learning new skills and ideas. What was the hardest skill for you to understand and eventually excel at? How did Odd School help you strengthen your weakness?

André Demétrio: The hardest skill for me was SSS shader because we need to really know how our body is and understand how the light affects our skin. To strengthen my weaknesses Odd School played a big role on it. It has very good and professional teachers that have answered all my questions and explained me everything with a lot of detail.

What were most assignments like at Odd School? What was your favorite assignment?

André Demétrio: My favorite assignment was the “Captain Cabin”, I am not really sure about the time that I have spent on it, since Odd School gave us the final days of our course to finish our projects. The feedback was very positive and encouraging, I really appreciated it.

Which piece of art was your final project for the class, and what were the challenges involved with completing it?

André Demétrio: My final project was the “Captain Cabin” and the most challenging thing to complete it was to create a story inside the frame and to find the best light for the cabin, which was a lot of work.

Odd School Student Interview André Demétrio 3

What was a normal day of class like?

André Demétrio: We arrived at the morning, around nine o’clock, and we were always at our computers, having classes or speaking with each other about 3D. It was a very rewarding experience and the course was really worth it. However it was very demanding and hard work and most of all you have to love what you are doing.

David mentioned that the class also had workshops with Florian Degensicourt (Ubisoft Concept Artist), Manuel Virks (Crytek 3D Artist), and Vlad Costin (Character Artist for Guerrilla Games & Crytek). Can you tell us more about these workshops? What parts were the most helpful for you?

André Demétrio: Both workshops with Manuel Virks and Vlad Costin were about game modeling and we learned about normal maps and low poly models. I took the chance to ask several questions about how they started their careers and about their professional evolution.

Odd School Student Interview André Demétrio 4

What software and plugins do you use the most? Tell us a little bit about your work process.

André Demétrio: The 3D softwares that I use the most are 3Ds Max, Marvelous Design, Zbrush ,Xnormal and  Photoshop. About hardware I mostly work on my laptop which is an Asus ROG G750JX.

What are your favorite resources for 3D art reference material?

André Demétrio: I mostly use art books and CG textures, CG Society, and Art Station.

Odd School Student Interview André Demétrio 5

What piece of advice did you learn from Odd School that you think every 3D art student around the world should hear?

André Demétrio: When you are tired of the projects that you are working on, you should start a new/different project and only later get back on your previous projects.

For all the artists reading who are inspired to follow in your footsteps, what would you tell them is the first thing they should study and master before doing everything else?

André Demétrio: They should look for references, start your own projects, take initiative, think outside the box and search for courses/education in 3D with a purpose and objective.

Odd School Student Interview André Demétrio 6

Where do you see yourself in a year from now? And where can our readers follow you online?

André Demétrio: In one year I see myself in London sharing my art with the world. You can follow me on Facebook, “Andredemetrioart”, Pinterest, Tumblr, CG Society, Art Station, Behance, Google+ and Instagram. However you can find all the information and links on my Facebook page

Lastly, what other advice would you give to aspiring 3D artists?

André Demétrio: Never give up of your dreams. Work hard until you achieve them.

Thanks for your time and your thoughts!

This is just one of our six part Odd School student interview series. We’ve interviewed hundreds of schools, studios, and students in the past, and we invite you to check out the other discussions in our Animation Career Review Interview Series archive.